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South Africa Holiday Destination

One of the known hot spots amongst the tourists from all over the globe is South Africa. This major tourist destination is receiving a bulk of travelers each year who are in the continuous search for the cheap flights to South Africa. Why the country attracts this influx of travelers – is because of misc. reasons out of which some of them to name are that it is a great tourism resort and exhibits sundry traits which are essential for a healthy tourism. Name any, and you will get here. Abreast, wild life is in abundance and so the people who incline towards enjoying the safari parks, can enjoy here. Besides this, the trendy restaurants, and the exotic night life gives you an enchantment of leisure and ecstasy.

From city breaks to luxury safaris and wine tours, there are a great range of luxury holidays in South Africa. It is a fascinating country - the unique geography ranges from the safari reserves to verdant winelands and subtropical regions, and exploration of the diverse South African countryside is hugely rewarding.
It combines fascinating tracts of untamed wilderness with a refined sense of luxury - the wine here is world famous, there are excellent guided tours to all the major sights and destinations, and there is also an excellent range of luxury hotels in South Africa. You can combine safaris and wildlife tours with great accommodation and plenty of comfort - truly the best of both worlds!
If you are still looking for inspiration, here are some great ideas for a luxury holiday in South Africa...

Visit Cape Town in Style

Cape Town is an essential place to visit on any South Africa holiday. The Victoria and Albert Waterfront is a delightful place to stroll along and take in the sights and from here, you can catch a ferry for Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Cape Town has some superb beaches, and whether you hike or take the cable car, a visit to the top of Table Mountain (which overlooks the city) provides unforgettable views over the city and the Cape of Good Hope.

Take a Luxury Safari

When most people think of holidays in South Africa, they think of safaris. There is an amazingly diverse range of wildlife in this country, from big game animals like rhinos, elephants and lions to many other animals, including giraffes, zebras and hippopotami. A South Africa safari holiday gives a unique opportunity to see these animals up close in their natural environment. Best of all, it is possible to safari in style! The luxury lodges of Kruger Park and the other game reserves are wonderful places to stay out in the wilderness, so you can enjoy every comfort after a day on safari.

Explore the Winelands and Follow the Garden Route

It has long been famous for its outstanding wines, and no luxury holiday to South Africa would be complete without a visit to the wine producing valleys. These are unique in Africa; unusually they have a Mediterranean climate that provides the perfect conditions to produce some of the world's finest wines. You can take a driving tour of the winelands, sampling the wine and admiring the countryside, and then head out into the lakes, mountain passes and lush forests of the Garden Route along the west coast.

Go Multi Centre

If you want to go further on your luxury holiday than South Africa on its own, you can combine it with a visit to another nearby African country. You could combine a city break in Cape Town with a safari and then go and see the spectacular Victoria Falls in Zambia or follow up a Kruger safari with a beach retreat in Mozambique, or one of a dozen other combinations. Southern Africa is an amazingly diverse region, and a multi centre holiday is a great way to sample the highlights of several different countries.
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