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Top Honeymoon Destinations for your 2017 List

Recently a friend who just got engaged asked: Whether you've traveled, where do you recommend I go on honeymoon?

Something like marriage and honeymoon are issues that are out of my mind, but as a living traveling much of my time I spend next destinations or discovering unusual places to travel.

So here is my list of the 10 destinations that I recommend for honeymoon, some I have visited other will be for visiting and beaches are mostly because I'm a fan of the sea.

Kyoto, Japan

If beaches are not your choice to spend the honeymoon then you should come between March and April to Kyoto that is when the streets of this city are stained pink by cherry trees. Traveling here will transport you to another time because you can enjoy majestic temples, castles full of history, Geishas walking down the streets and lively markets. In short , a unique destination to share with friends.


Pink sand beaches and landscapes that many describe as paradise on earth. It sounds tempting, right? Seychelles unfortunately is not as cheap as other places but if the ride of your honeymoon I think you can give that luxury because only happens once in life. Seychelles definitely tops my list of places Honeymoon.


Everyone think we've seen pictures of the Maldives or have heard of them, and rightly so, is one of the best places to spend the honeymoon. My recommendation, and that of many other travelers, is that you stay away a little of the big resorts and go to other islands where you will find a more local life and secluded beaches.

Palawan, Philippines

Until a few years this small group of islands was inhabited only by birds and now they have opened gradually to people. They are hidden beaches that are untouched by humans, with clear rivers and beautiful landscapes.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Remember the movie The Beach? For precisely that movie was filmed on one of these islands. White sand beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear water with a calm tide because it is surrounded by mountains. Just what they need to get away from the world and start their new life together.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

There are more than 3,000 islands created by the dragons to protect the kingdom from invaders, well, that says the legend. But ultimately a magical place where you can spend the night moored in one of their boats.

Backwaters, India

Continuing the theme of spending nights in boats, Backwaters is a series of channels in southern India. With more than 800-900 kilometers of canals you can walk among them aboard a boat / hotel, it's like time travel in slow motion or stop aboard this boat. Truly a unique experience for the honeymoon.

Palolem, India

If you decide to come to India Honeymoon I guess you've already thought of going to the Taj Mahal but also the previous point can go to this small beach and rent a cabin on the seashore. Just what you need to get away from the bustle of India for a few days.

Perhentian, Malaysia

They are 2 islands with limited access, few cabins, few restaurants, no roads and the only way to get it is in "water taxis" These islands is also a paradise for divers or snorkeling, so this is a destination to test your water and besides being surrounded by jungle skills.


Are 333 islands to choose from and less than a third are inhabited, most of the tourist industry is in its main island, but you can easily go visit the other islands. The main activity in Fiji is diving with sharks, so in addition to having a unique experience you can get your PADI certification for a few dollars.

Costa Rica

A circuit ten days and eight nights in Costa Rica awaits you for deleitarse during your honeymoon. Here more than 40 national parks and ecological reserves waiting to be visited. In addition to numerous volcanoes and beautiful beaches. As for places to visit are listed: San Jose, Tortuguero, Arenal, Manuel Antonio, etc. Enchanting Places!


Country famous for its scenery, culture, gastronomy and people.
The Great Wall of China, the Sacred Way of the thirteen Ming Tombs, the "Bird's Nest" and "Cube of the water"; Xian Temple of Heaven, the "Silk Road", the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China, the Great Goose Pagoda and Shanghai: the Garden of Mandarin Yu or Yuyuan Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple.

New York and Polynesia

Three nights in New York and six in Polynesia, what do you think? You have the option to do a trip combining two lovely places. On the one hand, the city of Sex in New York and most emblematic of the United States with its skyscrapers and on the other, Polynesia: an earthly paradise where lush vegetation, crystal clear lagoons and vast beaches and cities like Bora Bora or Moorea allow you relax and have fun. Eleven days all inclusive!


Not all couples have the opportunity to travel to a magical place like this. Twelve are the days that you can enjoy in Myanmar, the country of a thousand pagodas and one of the most mysterious and unknown destinations in the world. It is a land of great beauty and charm little influenced by the modern world that will leave an unforgettable memory.

Canada with whales

You may be looking for a different place or activity that will attract attention and enable you to enjoy adventures. Canada whales. All for 1,900 euros per person! It is a ten days and eight nights for lovers of natural beauty and open spaces, the grandeur of nature is an indescribable experience for both.

Safari in Kenya

And for almost 1,700 euros each will be able to travel there where skyscrapers have not yet come to a single ground for everything. It is Kenya. For seven days and five nights the African jungle is your life. Nairobi, Aberdare, Nakuru and Naivasha the lakes, the Maasai, ... all to live a honeymoon most peculiar!

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

If you want luxury, Dubai and its plethora of magnificent hotels is your site. One of the most famous is the Burj Al Arab, shaped like a candle, which has become one of the most famous buildings in the world. With a level of more than excellent service, the hotel has everything you need and more. In addition, you'll see opulence everywhere you look.

Here I have my 10 recommendations for your next honeymoon, if you want something more traditional you can always visit Europe or a Caribbean beach, but ultimately these places make your honeymoon is unique and unforgettable, just as it should be.
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